Uninstall Kubeflow

Instructions for uninstalling Kubeflow

Uninstall Kubeflow

The following command will delete the Kubeflow installation created via kfctl install.

kfctl delete -V -f kfctl_aws.yaml

Note: This will not delete your Amazon EKS cluster, you must manually delete it by yourself if desired.

(Optional) Delete Cluster

If you had created a dedicated cluster in Amazon EKS for Kubeflow using eksctl and wish to delete it, the following command can be used.

eksctl delete cluster -f cluster.yaml

Note: It is possible that parts of the CloudFormation deletion will fail depending upon modifications made post-creation. In that case, manually delete the eks-xxx role in IAM, then the ALB, the EKS target groups and the subnets of that particular cluster. Then retry the command to delete the nodegroups and the cluster.